What if the best group fitness classes in Vancouver were offered in one convenient location that also included access
to master trainers, nutrition programs, and rehabilitative support?

That’s exactly what you get at Seacity Fitness.

Seacity is a one-stop-fitness-shop that was created simply because we know you’re tired. Tired of having to run around Vancouver to multiple gyms, health clubs, or bootcamp sessions because one day you feel like doing yoga and on another you want to perform high-intensity interval training. With Seacity Fitness, you can forget the multiple Vancouver studio memberships
because the best classes and real-deal support are all under one roof.

Master trainers, who each specialize in one or more areas of fitness, lead Seacity’s best fitness class offerings. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just have fun, our fitness classes and experts have your back. Because we know what the body needs to perform optimally, we offer six different fitness class styles. From yoga to pilates, martial arts and boxing, to the unconventional trampoline, you get a variety of experiences and have fun each time you attend.

By providing you with cardio, strength, high-intensity interval training, flexibility, and rehabilitation, you can ensure that your body will never plateau. Since optimal fitness must include a well-rounded approach – on top of providing you with the newest, most effective fitness training – Seacity Fitness also offers nutritional and rehabilitative support, enabling you to access all of the resources and answers you need in just one reliable location.

We invite you to join us and other Vancouverites at Seacity

Your first class is on us